Sunday, June 18, 2017

Claim Settlement Ratio 2010-2012 IRDA for All Insurance companies

Claim Settlement Ratio 2010-2012

Based on Tables from IRDA's Claim settlement ratio reporting here is the list of all Life Insurance companies Claim Settlement ratio. Claim Settlement Ratio is defined as the number of claims settled by the insurance company out of every 100 claim requests received by the company

Company Name

Claim Settlement Ratio 2011-12

Claim Settlement Ratio 2010-11

HDFC Life95.4191.14
Birla Sunlife 94.6689.09
ICICI Prudential 94.6190.17
ING Vysya 90.4189.30
Kotak Life 89.3086.97
Bajaj Allianz 88.6988.19
Bharti AXA 87.1777.8
Metlife 85.4382.54
Aviva 84.1587.11
SBI Life 82.2483.27
IndiaFirst 82.0153.85


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  2. excellent ever company is now a days looking at customer happy focus
    superb all the companies should come to neck to neck difference